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Collabora con noi Alexandre Duarte

 Acrobatic Dance and Vertical Dance

I have made it my life-long quest to question what my purpose is on this earth, for now this search connects with my body and the movement I can find within.
I was born with natural flexibility and I am always drawn to explore their limits. Starting with gymnastics and moving into dance at Ginasiano dance school in Porto, some of my biggest influences and mentors have been Yuko Kominami and Van Nguyen. Leading then to circus, gaining a spot on Codarts hogeschool voor de kunsten, I have been drawn to the exploration of the melting point between all three. With over a decade of experience in the performance arts with companies such as Companhia Instavel, Teatro da Didascalia, Cirko Vertigo, Compagnia Sarabanda, SONICS, Compagnia BlucinQue, etc... I consider myself a chameleon, adaptable to various directions of work, from my own art to commercial and collaborative ventures.
My goal? To keep learning and developing every day. I connect and pass on the experiences that feed and enrich my soul. I will continue to share my passions on stage and communicate with my body that which I cannot say with words. I create art.
Just as the ancients danced to call upon the spirits in nature, we too can dance to find the spirits within ourselves that have been buried and forgotten. - Anna Halprin
Ginasiano Dance School - 8º year of Arts and Dance Education Specialist Diploma Artistic and Dance education
Education based on the artistic development on Classical Dance Tecnique (Ballet) and Contemporary Dance Tecnique (Graham, Limon, Cunningham, Release and Gaga Tecnique).
Theorical approach to History and Culture of Arts, Music, Anatomy and Laban Notation.
Completed several workshops with different teachers worldwide. Porto, Portugal
Aerial Silks Intensive Course
This course gaven by Van Nguyen consolidates the basic skills of each aerial equipment on Circus Arts and an inniciation to Butoh Movement.
Porto, Portugal
Codarts Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
Completed 2 years of Bachelor on Circus Arts.
Studies: Aerials, Contortion, Handstands, Acrobatics, Group Acrobatics, Theatre, Anatomy, Circus History, Composition
Specialisation: Aerial Silks and Contortion
Worked with: Marc Jonkers, Evgeniya Kalugina, Emil Angelov, Fabrizio Spiter, Wybren Wouda, Minka Parkkinen, Nikolay Pyasta, Paulina Vasquez...
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2016-03 / 2016-06
Formação Avançada em Interpretação e Criação Coreográfica
Completed half-course of FAICC gaven by companhia instavel.
Studies: Movement Analysis, coreographic composition, contemporary and classical dance, dramaturgy, cultural production, improvisation tecnique...
Worked with: Ana Figueira, Bruno Listopad, Cristina Planas Leitão, David Zambrano, Francesco Scavetta, Isabel Ariel, Joana Von Mayer Trindade, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Marta Lopes, Miguel Moreira, Nuno M. Cardoso, Nuno Preto, Paula Moreno, Ricardo Alves, Victor Hugo Pontes. Porto, Portugal

2019-01 -present
Compagnie BlucinQue
Member of Compagnie BlucinQue / Qanat Arte e Spettacolo
(Grugliasco) ; Castello di Moncalieri (Moncalieri) ; Marchesato Opera Festival (Saluzzo) ;
2018-11 -present
Cirko Vertigo
Member of Cirko Vertigo.
FUTURABILE - Astra Theatre, Turin
Reply Christmas Party - Sallone delle Fontane (Rome) ; OGR (Turin) ; Alcatraz (Milan)
Vertigo Christmas Show - Teatro Le Serre
Muller Kabaret - Cafe Muller

Alexandre Duarte
Performed my own creation "Tenome" at StardustGala during 18° FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE SUL FILO DEL CIRCO
Grugliasco, Italy
Follow Me
Denise Zucca
Aerial Acrobat during the show "Follow Me" by Denise Zucca. Centro Studio Danza Denise Zucca.
Teatro Concordia di Venaria Reale, Italy
Paulina Almeida
Conserva, conceived from the meeting of the performers with the public and the place, is the result of a work of artistic residence in Sines, at the invitation of the Art Direction of M.A.R.
Mostra de Artes de Rua 2018. Sines, Portugal
2018-05 -2018-09
Member of SONICS circus company, performed Meraviglia and Wish as an aerial acrobat.
Meraviglia - Arena Sinni; Festival di Bardonecchia; Emilia Romagna; Cosenza; Ospedale Marielli; Marina di Venezia
Wish - Festivalul International de Teatro di Strada Bucaresti; Marina de Venezia Bucharest ; Italy
Paulina Almeida and Malgosia Sus
Part of the artistic residency for MadmudPools developed by AgitLaB. Agueda, Portugal
Mall of Qatar
Moliere Productions
Member of Baia dos Piratas show on tour. Qatar, Doha
2017-03 -2017-12
Boris Vecchio
Part of the artistic residency by Boris Vecchio for the creation of the new circus show Sentido.
A co-creation between Companhia Sarabanda (Italy) and Teatro da Didascalia
Performed at: Festival Vaudeville Rendez-Vouz (Guimaraes/Braga) ; Cirko Vertigo (Turin) and Festival Circumnavigando (Genova).
Paulina Almeida
Worked in coperation with Paulina Almeida to create Tissue. A public arts exhibition.
A part of Fractal Bodies saga, Porto, Portugal.
The Magical Return
Paulina Almeida
Part of the artistic residency and creation of The Magical Return performed at the opening of a series of events of the Friday, 13 at Montalegre.
Montalegre, Portugal
2017-05 -2017-10
 Baia dos Piratas
Moliere Productions
Worked as an aerialist, acrobat and actor. Albufeira, Portugal
Alexandre Duarte
Premiere of my new aerial dance contortion solo performed at Teatro do Campo Alegre.
Porto, Portugal

Cidade Natal da Guarda
Aerialist, acrobat and animator during the Christmas Town in Guarda. Guarda, Portugal.
2016-10 -2016-11
Horror House
Contortionist, animator and actor during the Halloween Season at Zoomarine. Albufeira, Portugal
Festival Vaudeville Rendevouz
Teatro da Didascalia
Performed an aerial-silks act as a work in progress Schizophrenia.
Vila Nova de Famalicao, Portugal
2016-04 -2016-05
Festival Trengos
Erva Daninha
Performed own creations: Schizophrenia - Aerial-Silks Act
What's Truth - Dance Trapeze Act
 2016-06 -2016-11
 Baia dos Piratas
Moliere Productions Aerialist, Acrobat and Actor. Albufeira, Portugal
Percursos pela Arquitectura
Companhia Instavel
Performed at Percursos pela Arquitéctura, directed by the FAICC students, having the chance to create and perform a side specific performance in an arquitecture university, with the cooperation of Companhia Instavel.
Porto, Portugal
Segredo Secreto
Ana Figueira
Dancer in artistic residency for Companhia Instavel, for a piece created by Ana Figueira which combines dancers and deaf's all in one stage.
Performed at Aveirense Theatre and Teatro do campo Alegre. Porto, Portugal
Poem for the end of the World
Van Nguyen
Performed in the co-creation of Van Nguyen as a butoh dancer and aerial-silks artist.
Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal
Ana Figueira
Dance solo cooproduction in residency with Ana Figueira. Performed at: Ginasiano Dance School
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Indio Queiroz
Dancer as the new production from Indio Queiroz at Serralves em Festa. Porto, Portugal

Focus Fragmentado
Isabel Ariel    Chosen to represent Ginasiano Dance School at Encuentro Internacional de Escuelas de Danza as a member of a male dance quartet at RESAD. Madrid, Spain
2012-03 -2012-12
Kabaret Kalinas
Cecilia Dias
Aerial-Silks act during the residency and performances in co-creation with Cecilia Dias.
Espinho, Portugal
O que e nacional e bom!
Jorge Freitas
Contortionist and dancer during this cabaret productions by Jorge Freitas.
2012 -2016
Grupo Spirit
We are brand entertainment
Performed with Grupo Spirit several gigs and main productions as an aerialist, contortionist and animator.
Some locations: Lookal Ocean Club (Luanda, Angola) ; Ramallosa 2000 (Vigo, Spain) ; Real Santa Eulalia Resort, PachaOFIR, BBC, NoSoloItalia, Noite Branca de Braga, many more (Portugal).
Additional Activities
Teacher / Coach / Mentoring
Aerial-Arts Teacher at Salto International Circus School (Porto, Portugal) TakingFlight - Aerial-Silks Masterclass (Dublin, Ireland)
Circus Factory Cork - Aerial-Silks ; Creative Workshop. (Cork, Ireland)
Fashion Events
Face of Exceed Shoe Thinkers new fashion shoe Autumn/Winter Collection (Worldwide) 2017
Artistic Model at Fashion TV Events - Lookal Ocean Club (Luanda, Angola) 2015 Dancer and contortionist of the videoclip ShamanShamans by Leah Uitjerland (The Hague, Netherlands) 2015
Model at Devaneios Fotograficos - Delirios e Utopias ; Freak Show ; Once upon a time... (Portugal) 2014-2015
Workshops and Masterclass
Intensive separated Butoh Dance Tecnique Masterclass by Yumiko Yoshioka, Van Nguyen and Swen Wu Wei.
Double Circus Workshops by Caitlan Maggs and Alexei Karuline from Cirque du Soleil.
Flying Low Tecnique Masterclass by David Zambrano.
Separated Vogue Dance Masterclass by Danielle Polanco, Joana Teixeira and
Archie Burnett.
Arts in Public Spaces workshops by Paulina Almeida.

2007 -2008
Acrobatic Gymnastics Interscholastic Competition
3º. Place - Mixed Duo 2º. Place - Male Trio

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